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Regardless of the fact that no two companies are alike, there are ten actions entrepreneurs and prospective business owners must follow before starting their new firm. As a business owner, you will have so many responsibilities in your hand, but you can get some help in many aspects of your company by contacting Walter Morales Baton Rouge.


Decide on a business structure

It is expected from you to pay attention to how a business is formed since it can’t always be changed afterwards. …

by Walter Morales — Baton Rouge, Louisiana Businessman, Entrepreneur and Educator

Becoming a successful in business is a tedious task that takes much of your time and effort. However, nothing is impossible if you have knowledge and determination. Let us go through some things to know before launching your business.

The right mindset is vital

Doing business or beginning in entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You would have to face different types of hurdles and should put in a lot of effort to succeed in your business. If you are unaware of this and do not have the right mindset…

Baton Rouge Louisiana Businessman and Professor

Mr. Morales is the founder of Louisiana Achievement Charter Academies, a non-profit educational foundation that operates three charter schools. Mr. Morales is also a retired faculty member at Louisiana State University where he taught finance for 23 years. He taught courses in Investments, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, and Corporate Finance.

Mr. Morales founded Commonwealth Advisors, Inc. in 1991 and serves as the firm’s President and Chief Investment Officer. He oversaw the firm’s active management of balanced, fixed income and distressed asset portfolios. His investment experience encompasses the management of portfolios for individuals, pension…

Walter Morales

Louisiana Businessman and Professor

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