Ways to Improve your Studying Efficiency

Walter Morales
3 min readDec 13, 2021

You may join a highly reputed school like that of Walter Morales Baton Rouge. However, if you do not know how to study better, you cannot score good marks regardless of the teacher’s ability to teach. In this article, we are about to discuss a few ways of improving your studying efficiency for better grades in brief.

Listen well during the lectures

If you want to study well, you must listen to the lectures whenever your teacher is in your class. Listening to these classes will help you grab certain ideas about the subject beforehand and you will find it easy while you are studying the same chapter for your exams. As you would know half of the idea before itself, your studying time will also get reduced. Also, you are concentrating on the same chapter on two occasions, during the class and your study time. So, you will understand it better. If you do not listen properly during the class, you will start fresh on the day before the exam. So, you will miss a lot of things. So, listening should be your primary task.

Understand what you study

You would have seen students studying harder than anyone else. However, these students will not score good grades even after that much effort. It is because of their method of studying. These students will not understand what are all the things that they study. Instead, they will mug up and memorize those theories and sums. If you memorize things, you will forget them easily. However, understanding things will let you keep them in mind for a longer time. As almost all subjects would be written in your known language, you can write what you understand in your own words. Nobody will reduce your marks because of differences in the sentences of your answer from that of the sentences in the book. So, you should always understand the concepts than memorize them.

Use example scenarios while studying

The ability to keep things in mind for a long time will not be there in most students. So, those who do not have this ability should use another technique to improve their memory. One such technique is to use an example scenario that could happen in real life whenever you study any concept. In subjects like science, you can even apply the concept in real life and understand it directly without creating an imaginary concept. Once you do this, you will never get lost from those concepts.

Find the right spot

Even if you try harder, you could not study with full concentration if your spot is not suitable for studies. For instance, if your study area is full of disturbances like television, people, and the likes, you will not find time to study peacefully. You will always get distracted because of these factors. Although some people could study in such a location, the majority could not. So, you should find the right spot for your studies. You can study at the same spot forever if you feel comfortable.