How to Help Students to Build a Strong Sense of Purpose

Walter Morales
3 min readJan 13, 2022

Who are you? What do you care more about? What wakes you up every morning? These questions define what it means to have a purpose. To realize your purpose in life, like Walter Morales Baton Rouge, you must understand who you are. You also need to understand what you care about. You also need to understand what makes you happy every day and work to gain the most out of it.

Here you will get five ticks to use in helping learners develop a strong sense of purpose in life.

Teach self-awareness early

Building self-awareness starts by helping the learners to understand self-awareness. They need to know their place in the world. Please help them know how they would like to contribute to the world.

Be a role model and a mentor

Many young learners are good at mimicking and observing their elders’ life and fake it until it happens. You need to be a loving and responsible teacher. Understand the behaviors and actions of the learners. Learners are eager to know why you decided to be a teacher. Explain why making a change in their daily interests and work is important. It will align one’s values and bring more meaning to life.

Expose the children to a real-world of learning

Allow your students to explore their purpose. The earlier you can start exploring learners’ purpose via the school, the better. Help students brainstorm what they want to learn and solve problems. You can now orchestrate opportunities that overlap the curriculum based on learners’ interests. Help learners push interests and explore how their interests align with the world.

Ask relevant questions

Assessment plays a key role in developing purpose. Ask both simple and hard questions about the learner’s perspective on life. Insight the children to self-reflect and promote feedback from important people and peers. It will be easy to assess their progress in developing a strong sense of purpose.

Give the learners a choice and voice

You should never underestimate a student’s voice and choice. They help shape learning outcomes. Communities in the world are different. Be prepared for diversity, as your learners will come from different backgrounds.

Helping learners contribute ideas relevant to their lives is a transformative ingredient. It aids in building learning motivation in life.

Human beings do great things when motivated. Motivation is the basic tool in achieving learning and promoting a sense of purpose.

Drive goal setting

Help your learners set clear goals defined by what is important to them. They need to make realistic plans to accomplish these goals. Teach students to make SMART goals to attain what they dream of getting. A sense of purpose will facilitate achieving goals that give optimism. Their purpose will help them reach hard goals and resilience to barriers.


A sense of purpose is complex and can take years to develop. As a result of its importance, you need to help your learners develop it using the above strategies.